Canadian duo Tonepushers (a.k.a. long-standing electronic producers Joe Silva and Ali Khan) have been exploring twisted tech-house terrain and deep house since 2004.  Their uniquely tailored live sets showcase a bountiful crop of lush cuts – some dark and ethereal, others full of big room energy, all distinctly deep techno.

Press quotes:

“Tonepushers bring a combined total of over 30 years of production and performance experience together to create a highly refined and sophisticated live techno act. Their music stimulates the mind while also beckoning you to shake your ass on the dancefloor. Their live performances are world class and are sure to be on demand at all of the forward thinking music festivals…” – Nathan Zahn – Director of MEMETIC

“Love this, the true techno.” – ANGEL MOLINA, Sonar

“Joe and Ali never cease in taking me to places deep and beautifully dark” – JESSE SOMFAY, Archipel